meet steve Owner and Founder OF tsi

Established in 1999 TSI Sports Group has been perfecting our skills and continues to provide the most innovative solutions for stadium design and construction.

Our wide range of capabilities includes far more than the initial design, customer development, and product selection on seating venues. We have made our mark in the industry by constantly finding new ways to address facility design issues as well as the seating systems therein.

Solving customers’ problems, while providing superior performance and innovation, has always been a priority at TSI. It is this commitment combined with a sincere team approach with the customer which sets us apart.

We are customer driven. It is imperative that our technical sales staff work very closely with the owner, design, and construction teams early on in a project to clearly understand the key issues, priorities, and goals of a given situation. From this point, we are able to assist in the design and engineering process by identifying systems and products which accurately address the existing needs. 

Often our success has been measured by how well we identify the target up front. TSI’s long list of satisfied customers is a testament to how we conduct our business. We take great pride in treating our customers with respect and honesty. We conduct our business with integrity and class. Not all representative companies can state this. 

The products that we represent continue to be the best and most state-of-the-art products on the market today. 

We are known for being absolutely reliable. We have the capability to do what we say we will do. We live up to our commitments and stand behind our performance.

Treon Seating Innovations

"Because your Fans Deserve the Best"